I Just Want Out

Believe me I get it. That’s why I got into the real estate business. There once was a time I found myself chained to a property because traditional methods for selling a home were not an option, the local economy was in the crapper, all available jobs were in another state, I couldn’t afford to carry two mortgages and my industry left town. Fortunately, after two years of unemployment and almost losing my home I found work again in my chosen field. After researching many different solutions to my situation I discovered two ideas. One, most solutions are not really an option due to all the stipulations set in place by The Banks and Our Government. Two, sometimes selling your home is the only solution that will give you Peace of Mind. If nothing else, it will give you the opportunity to start over. If you act fast enough you will be able to keep your credit in tact.

So, if you…

-Are desperately trying to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy.

-Got caught with 2 mortgages due to job relocation.

-Don’t want to or can’t afford to pay a Realtor to market your property.

-Are going through or have been through a divorce.

-Have no equity in property.

-Simply don’t want to pay for repairs, updates, or code compliance.

-Have unwanted inherited property.

-Or no longer want to be a Landlord.

Take a moment to fill out the web form below and start the resolution process.

Remember  100% Confidential / No Fees, Commissions or Obligation / Guaranteed Written Offer within 24 hrs.

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